If you're new to a climbing comp or just new to TBA, these will help explain the up's and down's of Climbing Events at TBA.  Our goal is to make these events inclusive for both experienced as well as first-time comp goers.  If you have any questions, just stop by TBA's front desk and ask, we'll be happy to help.  Also, we'll try to post the results of new competitions on the site, so be on the lookout for those!



You can register before or when you check-in for the event.  Pre-registering will typically save you a few bucks plus speeds up your check-in.  To pre-register simply send us an email stating your age, division, and which event you would like to registering for.  Your must pay your pre-registration fee no later than two days before the event.  You can also register over the phone with a credit card (423.822.6800).


Check-in opens about a hour before the comp starts.  If you haven't pre-registered, then you'll register at check-in.  We'll verify your name, waiver, division and payment, then give your your score card and scoring code (for the web based scoring).


The divisions are the group of climbers you "compete" with.  The divisions are based on your perceived level of ability.  The 'Beginner' division is intended for those climbing V0 to V3 and is intended for the beginner climbers who have little to no climbing experience.  The 'Intermediate' division is intended for those climbing V4 to V6 and is intended for the intermediate climbers who have some, yet limited climbing experience.  The 'Advance' division is intended for those climbing V7 to V9 and is intended for experienced climbers who have been training specifically for climbing, but have yet to realize their true potential.  The 'Expert' division is intended for those climbing V10 and above and is intended for the well traveled and trained climbers who have little they cannot do climbing.  Each climber has the option to choose their division.  However, if you sign up for a division, and consistently climb above your respective range, we'll call you out for sandbagging!


We typically have between 40 and 60 problems for each event.  Problems are set the day before the event; none of the competitors have any experience with the problems.  Each problem has a scoring point value based on its difficulty.  The problems are numbered, but there is no logic to their numbering - an easy climb might have a high number, or there might be missing numbers.  The scores are generally between 0 and 1200, with 100s values corresponding to the V-grade (i.e. a problem with 87 points is probably around a V0, one worth 567 is probably around V5).


Each problem has a point value.  When you complete a problem (by grabbing the top rail with both hands), you receive the point value for that problem.  You receive additional points for completing the problem in one attempt (a FLASH).  You can only score once for each problem.  One official or two competitors from your division must initial your score card as witnesses to your completion of the problem.  Your final score is the sum of your top five or seven problem scores.

Official Scoring

At the end of the event, you must turn in your score sheet to be counted by the officials.  Make sure to circle your top scores to be counted.  Flash points will only be counted if you have one tally by the particular problem you flashed.  TBA officials will count and recount your scores to assure accuracy.  Once all scores are counted, only then will we announce the results.

The Event

Events are a timed, typically three (3) hours.  It is your choice on the number and order of problems you climb.  You do not need to complete a problem before attempting another problem, but you can only score when you complete a problem.  Be sure to tally the number of falls per problem, as ties are customarily decided by the number of falls.

First-Timer Strategies

Watch others.  Pace yourself - remember, its a timed event, not a race.  Relax, rest.  Have fun!  These are really non-competitive, community events.  Don't be intimidated by the fact that we call these "competitions".


First and foremost, the Climbing Events at TBA are to have fun and to establish a sense of camaraderie within the local climbing community.  These are a great way to meet and climb with those who share your love of the sport.  We encourage you to be supportive of your fellow climber.

  • Wait your turn and be courteous.
  • Stay off the pads if you're not climbing.
  • Be safe - don't walk, run, or climb under others.
  • Keep track of your chalk, or we'll get white lung!
  • Don't get frustrated.  Stay positive and have fun!

The Awards Ceremony

After the event closes and we compile the scores we give out the good stuff.  You gotta stay to win!  A majority of the big value items get raffled off (all competitors receive a raffle ticket), and those who place in their division receive recognition and some special prizes.

The Schwag

When we have schwagg, please remember to support those companies that support the climbing community.  Each event may have a different set of sponsors. Whenever you purchase something from a sponsor, tell'em you saw their sponsorship at TBA (duh, don't you want all this great schwag at the event?)


Sponsors help make TBA Events the success they are.  Such sponsors as: Greenlife Groceries, Mojo Burrito, Mr. T's, Chaco's, Five-Ten, etc; have contributed to support TBA Events.  If you'd like to sponsor a TBA event, please contact us.  We'd be happy to highlight your business prominently in our event marketing.

What People are Saying About TBA Comps

"...everyone that I was climbing with had a great time and said that they couldn't wait for the next comp."

"I loved the comp, the problems were interesting it seemed like there was pretty much something for everyone."

"TBA always hosts great comps...the last comp was right up there with the best. Plus, the schwag is killer, better than any comp I've attended."