Kid’s Classes

Offered: Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Time: 3-4pm Age 7 and under

4-5pm Ages 8 to 13

This class is designed to introduce children to the wonderful world of climbing. They will learn the basic climbing skills and techniques in a fun and innovative way. 

1 class/week/month - $30

2 classes/week/month - $50

3 classes/week/month - $70  



Cost: $50/month + membership

Tuesday and Thursday

Time: 4-5:30pm

This team is meant for those who have excelled past the “Kid’s Classes” and are ready to learn more about climbing.  We will focus in on technique, power, stability, flexibility and endurance.  All of these are key factors in becoming a better climber.   


Advanced Team

Cost: $65/month + membership

Monday and Wednesday

Time: 3:30-5:30pm 

As a member of the Advance Team you are required to participate in the ABS climbing competitions that are held in the fall.  We will focus on understanding the way the body moves, improve technique and develop competition skills.  We will start to introduce the athletes to outdoor climbing as well.


Elite Team

Cost: $75/month + membership

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Time: 5-7:30pm 

As a member of the Elite Team you are expected to participate in the ABS competition series that is held in the fall.  You will also be required to have 2 privates with the coach every month.  This team is meant for those who are focused, motivated, full of energy and determined to achieve greatness.  Our climbing team has made it Nationals for the last 5 years and have travelled to many local climbing areas to excel in outdoor climbing.